"Contact Your Rep Week"


September 17, 2012


Dear Fellow Northern California Bankruptcy Professionals:

In years past, our Bench-Bar Liaison Committee has been an effective agent for improving the service which we bankruptcy judges provide to you. Those of you who enjoy the convenience of an open calendar or a telephonic appearance probably don't realize that the Committee played an important role in making these happen. When there has been a problem anywhere in the district, it was often the Committee which first identified it to the court.

While the Committee members are always available to deal with problems and consider ideas for improving things, I am designating the week of September 24, 2012, as this year's "Contact Your Rep Week." Have an idea for improving the operation of the court as a whole, or one division, or just one judge (including me)? Having a problem with a procedure employed by the Clerk, or maybe just one court employee? Had a matter under submission for a little too long? Contact one of the Committee members. Their names and contact information are available on the court's website, as a "quick link," and I am attaching a list with contact information. Where appropriate, the Committee can keep your identity confidential.

I urge you to use the Committee to help us improve our service to you, both during "Contact Your Rep Week" and throughout the year.

Very truly yours,


Alan Jaroslovsky
Chief Judge

Bench-Bar Liaison Committee Roster - July16 2012.pdf27.33 KB