Notice to all Attorneys regarding Telephonic Appearances




Effective April 4, 2011, Judge Jaroslovsky will begin using "CourtCall" on a test basis for telephonic courtroom appearances. The Santa Rosa Division Courtroom Deputy will no longer receive your advance requests to appear telephonically.

To schedule a telephonic appearance, please call the CourtCall reservation line at (866) 582­6878. To learn more about the procedures go to the web site; .

Only attorneys who file electronically (ECF Registered Participants) may appear telephonically. If the attorney appearing by phone does not respond immediately when their case is called, the matter will be deemed submitted.

For more information regarding these new procedures for telephonic appearances please refer to Section 7., C. and D., of the "Northern Counties Bankruptcy Practice" rules.

Judge Jaroslovsky's conference calls in adversary proceedings, will remain unchanged; contact Tara Arruda at: or by phone at (707) 547-5920 for the date and time of the conference call, and then contact a telephone company conference call operator to schedule the call. For more information regarding these conference calls, see Section 7., A. and B., of the "Northern Counties Bankruptcy Practice" rules.

Please feel free to register your comments about this change by emailing;