Policy Change Regarding Request to Remove Email from Case

Effective July 09, 2007 the Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of California will be changing the Request to Remove E-mail process.  Currently, the Request to Remove Email event is entered on a case docket when an attorney is no longer an active participant on the case and elects not to receive a Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF) via e-mail.  If, however, an attorney has secondary e-mail addresses (paralegal/secretary) listed in their account, then these addresses will continue to receive the NEFs.

As a result of the policy change the name of the event will be renamed to Request to Remove All Email From Case.  When this event is entered on the case docket the attorney's email address and all secondary (paralegal/secretary) e-mail addresses will be removed.  Consequently, the attorney and paralegal/secretary will no longer receive NEFs from the case.

You may be receiving NEFs from a bankruptcy case because you are a participant on a related adversary proceeding.  In order to stop receiving NEFs you will need to enter the Request to Remove All Email event on each of the adversary proceedings in which you are a participant.  Once you have entered this event for each adversary proceeding you will stop receiving NEFs from both the adversary case(s) and the main bankruptcy case.  Before entering this event on the case docket please ensure that you are not violating Section 10 of the Amended Operating Order (located on our website, www.canb.uscourts.gov).

If you have previously entered the event Request to Remove Email on a case, please be aware that effective July 09, 2007 any secondary e-mail addresses that are related to the account will no longer receive the NEFs for those cases.  If you or your law firm wish to continue receiving those NEFs, please contact the court's helpdesk at (415) 268-2350, or simply enter to the docket a Request for Notice in each case.