Standard-Form Combined Plan and Disclosure Statement for Individual Chapter 11 Debtors

The court has promulgated a standard-form combined plan and disclosure statement for use by individual chapter 11 debtors (the Form Plan). The Form Plan may be used in all four divisions of the Northern District of California. Use of the Form Plan is not mandatory, but the judges of the Northern District encourage its use by experienced chapter 11 attorneys only.

The court’s approval of the Form Plan should not be taken to suggest that a chapter 11 case can be successfully prosecuted by an attorney who is not completely familiar with chapter 11, or by a debtor not represented by counsel. Chapter 11 cases are extremely complex, and should be filed only with the assistance of qualified counsel. The purposes of the Form Plan are to improve and standardize chapter 11 practice and to make adequate representation available at lower cost by simplifying the preparation of the required plan and disclosure statement.

The court has prepared written instructions for completing the Form Plan, and will be providing free seminars in early 2012 to further explain proper use of the Form Plan.


Instructions For Using Standard-Form Plan and Disclosure Statement

Standard-Form Combined Plan and Disclosure Statement