Devin Derham-Burk


The hearings listed contain both original and continued hearings.

Trustee: Derham-Burk, Devin
Chapter 13

Salinas Quadrangle suite 214
United States Bankruptcy Court
1000 S Main St. #214
Salinas, CA
341 Hearing Date: 03/09/2018   Time: 09:45AM
Case Number Name Attorney
17-53111 Janet Elizabeth Littlepage Jason Vogelpohl
18-50073 Marylou Yvette Evans Jeremy F. Peck
18-50078 Kevin Ward Thomas Jeremy F. Peck
  Saisha Marie Thomas  
18-50079 Jessica Palomo Ralph P. Guenther
18-50096 Arturo Leonel Cahue Jason Vogelpohl
18-50099 Harold Eugene Grice Clark A. Miller
18-50106 Odes Jefferson Ward Jason Vogelpohl
18-50108 Barbara Ann Valdez Jeremy F. Peck
18-50115 Miguel A. Martinez Clark A. Miller
  Isabel Franco  
18-50128 Jason Daniel Fiedler Jeremy F. Peck
  Genevieve Allison Fiedler  
Friday, March 9, 2018