Devin Derham-Burk

The hearings listed contain both original and continued hearings.

Trustee: Derham-Burk, Devin
Chapter 13

Salinas Quadrangle suite 214
United States Bankruptcy Court
1000 S Main St. #214
Salinas, CA
341 Hearing Date: 03/14/2018   Time: 09:45AM
Case Number Name Attorney
17-52459 Joseph L Vargas Ralph P. Guenther
  Sara A Vargas  
17-52507 Joan Kathleen Radley Ralph P. Guenther
18-50129 Michael Anthony Watkins Clark A. Miller
18-50130 Maria Dominguez Clark A. Miller
18-50152 Rosalva Montes Ralph P. Guenther
  Antonio Montes  
18-50154 Rudy Gonzalez David A. Boone
18-50161 Sandra Perez Garcia Jason Vogelpohl
18-50192 Maria Castellanos Dana M. Douglas
18-50197 Selene Alvarez-Vega Clark A. Miller
341 Hearing Date: 03/14/2018   Time: 10:45AM
Case Number Name Attorney
17-51864 Chong Suk Canipe David (dw) Boone
  Chong Suk Canipe David A. Boone
  Robert Leonard Canipe David (dw) Boone
  Robert Leonard Canipe David A. Boone
17-51947 Jason Eric Fisch Jeremy F. Peck
  Sharon E. Fisch  
17-52719 Veronica Grace Pirl David A. Boone
  Veronica Grace Pirl David (dw) Boone
  Bruce Daniel Pirl  
  Bruce Daniel Pirl David A. Boone
17-53014 Carol Johnson-Schroetlin Ralph P. Guenther
17-53022 Ronald V. Rola Paul Seabrook
  Dorothy Gong Rola  
341 Hearing Date: 03/14/2018   Time: 11:45AM
Case Number Name Attorney
17-51652 Damian G Robles Ralph P. Guenther
  Maria Rosario Albarran  
Wednesday, March 14, 2018