Little, Sarah

The hearings listed contain both original and continued hearings.

Trustee: Little, Sarah L.
Chapter 7

Oakland UST Office 13th Floor
Office of the U.S. Trustee
1301 Clay St. Room 1300N
Oakland, CA
341 Hearing Date: 06/22/2018   Time: 09:00AM
Case Number Name Attorney
18-41084 Lona M Comier Pro se
18-41085 Chanel Shanice Langston Pro se
18-41086 Elbert Lubag Antiojo Nathan David Borris
18-41089 Jeanette Doreen Swearingen Nathan David Borris
18-41090 Wassima Akbar Mark A. McLaughlin
  Zaher Mohammad Akbar  
341 Hearing Date: 06/22/2018   Time: 09:30AM
Case Number Name Attorney
18-40384 Ingram K Gore Pro se
18-41116 Luis Gerardo Encalada-Gomez Tony E. Carballo
18-41117 Judith Gonzalez Tony E. Carballo
18-41119 Eugene Paoli Craig K. Welch
18-41122 Shirley A Horn Matthew M. Spielberg
341 Hearing Date: 06/22/2018   Time: 10:00AM
Case Number Name Attorney
18-41153 Mark Salazar Melba Espartero-Cawit
18-41157 Adriana Hernandez Jake Cline
18-41158 Daisy Karen Morales Pangilinan Jake Cline
18-41159 Chloe Y. Young Jake Cline
Friday, June 22, 2018