Mohamed Poonja

The hearings listed contain both original and continued hearings.
San Jose

Trustee: Poonja, Mohamed
Chapter 7

San Jose Room 130
U.S. Federal Bldg.
280 S 1st St. #130
San Jose, CA
341 Hearing Date: 08/31/2017   Time: 10:00AM
Case Number Name Attorney
17-51746 Tricia Louise Lafauci Drew Henwood
17-51750 Armando Infante Elise M. Mitchell
17-51761 Diane Tran Isaac Maing
17-51765 Josephine Ponce August Bullock
  Ruben P. Ponce  
341 Hearing Date: 08/31/2017   Time: 10:30AM
Case Number Name Attorney
17-50870 Leticia Rosales Reyes Pro se
17-51818 Maria Magdalena Meza Ramirez W. Kirk Moore
17-51819 Jessica Margaret Lasek W. Kirk Moore
17-51920 Troy Aron Rutt Robert L. Goldstein
17-51921 Ida Marrie Mouton Pro se
Thursday, August 31, 2017