Marlene Weinstein

The hearings listed contain both original and continued hearings.

Trustee: Weinstein, Marlene G.
Chapter 7

Oakland U.S. Trustee Off
Office of the U.S. Trustee
1301 Clay St. Room 680N
Oakland, CA
341 Hearing Date: 02/27/2018   Time: 09:00AM
Case Number Name Attorney
17-42607 Snowvia C. Rodgers Jake Cline
18-40126 Dionizy Slabolepszy Pro se
18-40130 Don's Mobile Fleet Service, Inc. a California Corporation Patrick L. Forte
18-40133 Joseph Gary Seiber Mark A. McLaughlin
341 Hearing Date: 02/27/2018   Time: 09:30AM
Case Number Name Attorney
18-40167 Claro Padilla Lawrence L. Szabo
18-40168 Dionne Embry Pro se
18-40169 Vicky Suleyma Aguilar-Rivera Michael J. Primus
18-40170 William Edward Duggan Michael J. Primus
18-40171 Lawrence Henry Matisevich Michael J. Primus
341 Hearing Date: 02/27/2018   Time: 10:00AM
Case Number Name Attorney
18-40172 James William Sparks Michael J. Primus
18-40192 Crystal DeMello Pro se
18-40193 Susanne Gomez E. Vincent Wood
18-40198 Mohammad Farooq Malik Darya Sara Druch
341 Hearing Date: 02/27/2018   Time: 10:30AM
Case Number Name Attorney
18-40213 Ivan Cuevas Barbara A. Smart
18-40221 Clarence Carlton Maloney Eric M. Nixdorf
18-40223 Mary Elizabeth Butler William M. Rubendall
18-40226 Myisha Nicole Tarrant Michael J. Primus
18-40228 Amber Nikole Zulawski Michael J. Primus
Tuesday, February 27, 2018