Policy for Chambers Copies of ECF Filed Documents (San Francisco)



The following are the San Francisco Division’s requirements for submission of courtesy Chambers Copies of papers filed through the court’s Electronic Case Filing (ECF) system. All copies must be:
  • Delivered to the Division’s intake desk promptly after the papers have been filed electronically and
  • Marked Chambers Copy.

Adversary Proceedings

Chambers Copies Required:

All papers relating to scheduled future hearings, (e.g., a noticed motion to dismiss a complaint, summary judgment motion) other than the initial status conference and attachments to supporting declarations. For trials, pre-trial and post-trial briefs.

Chambers Copies Not Required:

Status conference statements; trial exhibit lists or witness designations.

Contested Matters

Chambers Copies Required:

All papers relating to future hearings scheduled with the initial filing, whether or not there is a designated respondent (e.g., motion to assume an executory contract; debtor’s motion to dismiss case)other than attachments to supporting declarations. Chapter 11 Plans, Chapter 11 Disclosure Statements, and related notices should be provided when the matters have been set for hearing.

All papers relating to hearings scheduled after hearing requested (see below).

Even though there may be no opposition:
  • Fee Applications
  • Cash Collateral Stipulations and Motions; Borrowing Motions;
  • First Day Orders pertaining to bonuses, severance and retention plans, payroll and utilities
  • Objections to any of the above.

Chambers Copies Not Required:

Matters initiated under B.L.R 9014-1 scream or die procedures. If a party requests a hearing, (e.g. on objection to claim; motion to sell, etc.) the party setting the hearing must provide Courtesy Copies of the moving papers and any oppositon papers.

Motions for Relief From Stay

Chambers Copies Required:

Opposition to motions or replies to oppositions.

Chambers Copies Not Required:

Motions for relief from stay.