What's New in ECF - Archive 2008

What's New in ECF 2008 Archive


December 2008

During case opening, debtors seeking temporary exclusion from the means will continue to select a Yes or No designation for the Means Test. If it is a single debtor filing, the Means test should be No. If the case is filed jointly, and if there is a presumption of abuse for the joint debtor, then the setting should be Yes. The temporary exclusion will be designated by checking "The presumption is temporarily inapplicable." on Form B22A and completing Parts 1C and VIII (signature page)


Official Form 22A is revised (December 19, 2008). A new section, Part 1C, has been added to the Statement of Current Monthly Income and Means Test Calculation, (Form B 22A) for National Guard or Reservists claiming exemption from the means test . Debtors must check the "The presumption is temporarily inapplicable" box and completely fill out Section 1C and sign the form (Section VIII).

  The new event, Statement of Debtor's Temporary Exclusion from Means Test can be used for a single or joint debtor filing. If the debtor(s) are on active duty or serving in a homeland defense capacity when the petition is filed, no deadline ending the exclusion is set. If they are no longer on active duty, a 540 day deadline will be calculated from the active duty release date. Each debtor in a joint case will have their own deadline. The debtor must submit a complete B22A form if the 540 day deadline expires during the life of the case.


Another new event, Release from Active Duty ,has been created for use when a debtor is released from active duty after the case has commenced. When the Release from Active Duty event is docketed a temporary exclusion deadline is for one or both debtors in a joint case. If the 540 day deadline expires during the life of the case, the debtor must submit a completed B22A.

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February 2008
February 19th, 2008. The Northern District of California has revised its procedure for docketing Claim Transfers.

The two current events, Assignment of Claim and Joint Transfer of Claim, will be eliminated and longer be available for selection. They will be combined into a single event, Transfer of Claim. Docketing instructions will be available on our web page under the ECF Link, Reference Desk, Limited Access/Creditor Filings User's Manual.

Please make every effort to use the standard form for all claim transfers,
B 210A Notice of Transfer of Claim Other Than for Security (10/06)

This form can be found at the US Courts website:

  2/19/08. In order to reduce the number of NEFs sent to everyone due to minor edits to a case, the editing functions which produce NEFs will be limited. As most changes are documented by editing the docket text, this will be the primary cause for a NEF to be sent.
  The Notice of Voluntary Conversion 13 to 7 event has been modified to prevent conversions of any other case type. The case must be a chapter 13 to continue with the event, otherwise an error message will be received.
  A new file attachment type, proposed order, has been added to the drop down list. This file attachment is to be used only when docketing motions that fall under the revised FRBP 4001. Attachments placed on the docket in this manner are for information only, all proposed orders must still be submitted through the E-Orders program or according to other division procedures. They will not be considered when attached to the docket with a motion.