Hon. Thomas E. Carlson


Beloit College, B.A. (1969)

Brandeis University, graduate study in American History (1970-71)

Harvard Law School, J.D. (1975)

N.Y.U. Law School, LL.M. (Tax) (1985)


Law Clerk to Chief Justice Thomas Roberts, Rhode Island Supreme Court (1975-76)

Law Clerk to Chief Justice Donald Wright, California Supreme Court (1976-77)

Cooper, White & Cooper LLP, San Francisco, California (1977-78)

Deputy Director of Staff Attorneys Office, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (1978-84)


Bankruptcy Judge, Northern District of California (1985)

Chief Bankruptcy Judge (1992-96)

Ninth Circuit Conference of Chief Bankruptcy Judges (1992-96) Chair (1992-93)

Executive Committee (1992-95)

Ninth Circuit Judicial Council (1992-93)


Principal Drafter of the "Emergency Rule" (1982)

Consultant to House Judiciary Committee Subcommittee on Courts (1984)

National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges (1985-present)

Board of Governors (1991-94)

Chair of Liaison Committee to Federal Court Study Committee (1989-90)

Chair of Liaison Committee to National Bankruptcy Review
Commission (1985-98)

Advisor to National Bankruptcy Review Commission (1995-98)

Federal Judicial Center, Bankruptcy Education Committee


"Are the Jurisdictional Provisions of the Bankruptcy Amendments of 1984 Constitutional?" 9 Norton Bankr. Law Adviser 1 (Sept. 1984)

"Distinguishing Core from Noncore Proceedings," 1 Norton Bankr.Law Adviser 2 (Jan. 1985)

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"The Small Business Provisions of the 2005 Bankruptcy
Amendments," 79 Am. Bankr. L.J. 645 (2005)

Judge Carlson