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U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Northern District of California
Santa Rosa Division
99 South E Street, Santa Rosa CA 95404
(707) 547-5900
Eagle SR court building
Welcome to the Santa Rosa/Eureka division of the United States Bankruptcy Court. Your litigation experience will be rewarding and fruitful if you learn our procedures and present your case clearly and succinctly.
In order to practice in this court, you will need a copy of the Local Rules for the Northern District of California and a copy of our Northern Counties Bankruptcy Practice (new version effective 3/08/12). Both of these are available online or from the clerk by calling (707) 547-5900.
The Santa Rosa Bankruptcy Court is an electronic court; most court orders are submitted, signed, served and docketed electronically. Also, most communication with the bar is electronic. In order to make sure you are kept in the loop, all attorneys should email Chambers_Orders@canb.uscourts.gov in order to be placed on the court's email list. This division is entirely electronic and no longer maintains paper files. As of January 1, 2005, no attorney may file paper pleadings. All attorneys wishing to practice bankruptcy law in this district must obtain an ECF login and password. Paper "chambers copies" of electronically-filed pleadings are neither required nor desired.
U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Judge Alan Jaroslovsky has been the judge of this court since 1987. His chambers are in Santa Rosa. In addition to his Santa Rosa calendars, Judge Jaroslovsky hears cases in Eureka one or two days each month.
In this division, it is not necessary to reserve a calendar date in order to have a matter heard; you only need to notice a proper date from the court's published list of available calendar dates. To get the list, just click on "Calendars" at the court's website. If you have any calendar questions, you may contact courtroom deputy and calendar clerk Tara Arruda by email (preferred) at Tara_Arruda@canb.uscourts.gov or by phone at (707) 547-5920. This week's daily hearing calendars are generally posted on the district's website two or three days before the hearing. Just click on "Calendars." Tara

Dennis Dennis Bilecki is the Division Manager for this division. He is in charge of all functions of the Clerk's office as well as the court facility, personnel matters and security concerns. His phone number is (707) 547-5925. He can be reached by email at Dennis_Bilecki@canb.uscourts.gov.

Chambers staff includes a research attorney, one or more law clerks, and frequently an extern. Federal and state law prohibit communication with any of these persons regarding the substance of any pending case. Chambers staff are not permitted to give legal advice. Chambers staff may be contacted only for administrative inquiries (such as the status of an order or submitted matter) and only by email at Chambers_Orders@canb.uscourts.gov. Telephone inquiries may be made to the Clerk's staff at 707 547-5900.

For further information, you may wish to visit the Website for the United States Bankruptcy Court, Northern District of California. Most of Judge Jaroslovsky's decisions are available online. For decisions dated before May 1, 2006, go to the district website and click on "Judges' Decisions." For decisions made after May 1, 2006, go to the Reports menu in CM and click on "Written Opinions." These cases are made available primarily to assist counsel by giving some insight into the Judge's thinking processes; they have limited value as precedent.




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