Decisions for Judge Montali

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Decisions for MONTALI

03/09/2006 Memorandum Decision on Motion to Dismiss for Failure to Obtain Credit Counseling
12/06/2005 Memorandum Decision re Application of Letter of Credit Draws to the Capped Claim for Lost Future Rent for Landlord
07/27/2005 Memorandum Decision re Nondischargeabilty of Liability for Copyright Infringement
06/02/2005 Pacific Gas & Electric Company - Recent Decisions
05/17/2004 Memorandum Decision Regarding Objection to Late Filed Claims
04/28/2004 Memorandum Decision Re Trustee's BFP Powers Subject to Tenant in Common Agreement
02/24/2004 Memorandum Decision on Motion for Attorney Fees under 11 U.S.C. Section 523(d)
01/05/2004 Amended Memorandum Decision Approving Settlement Agreement and Overruling Objections to Confirmation of Reorganization Plan
12/23/2003 Notice of Order Confirming Plan
08/29/2003 Amended Memorandum Decision Re Nondischargeability of Support Obligations for College Education
05/15/2003 Memorandum Decision on Estimation of Antitrust Claims
02/06/2003 Memorandum Decision on Mechanics Lien Claimant Motion for Summary Judgment
01/21/2003 Memorandum Decision on (1) Motion to Dismiss Chapter 11 case of TKG Europe LP; (2) Motion for Reconsideration of Denial of Mo...
07/25/2002 Memorandum Decision Re Rejection of Trademark License
06/16/2002 Memorandum Decision Re Motion to Remand
03/18/2002 Order and Judgment Disapproving Disclosure Statement; Rule 54(b) Certification
02/07/2002 Memorandum Decision Regarding Preemption and Sovereign Immunity
01/18/2002 Memorandum Decision re Trustee's Objection to Exemption
01/08/2002 Memorandum Decision Regarding Chromium Claims
12/13/2001 Memorandum Decision re Applications for Interim Compensation of Professionals
10/02/2001 Memorandum Decision re Rescission of As-Is Contract For Purchase of Real Estate
09/21/2001 Memorandum Decision re Motion of Sierra Pacific Industries for Partial Summary Judgment on Eighth Cause of Action
06/01/2001 Memorandum Decision re Application for Preliminary Injunction, Motion to Dismiss and Motion for Summary Judgment
03/13/2001 Memorandum Decision re Calculation of Maximum Trustee's Fee Following Sale of Jointly Owned Property
03/12/2001 Memorandum Decision re Partial Disallowance of Exemption Claimed in IRA
02/28/2001 Memorandum Decision re Reformation of Modification of Deed of Trust
11/07/2000 Memorandum Decision re Res Judicata Effect of Prior Fee Award
09/08/2000 Memorandum Decision re Chapter 7 Trustee's Fees In Chapter 13 Case
07/27/2000 Memorandum Decision re Choice of Law, Statute of Limitations and Lost Profits
07/25/2000 Memorandum Decision re Subordination of Tax Penalties
06/16/2000 Memorandum Decision re Order Dismissing Case and Reserving Jurisdiction to Determine Sanctions
03/28/2000 Memorandum Decision re Validity of Indemnification Trust and Reasonableness of Fees Requested by Trustee's Counsel
03/20/2000 Memorandum Decision re on Concord Missionary Baptist Church Chapter 11 Plan
01/21/2000 Memorandum Decision re Order Denying Motion For Protective Order
11/24/1999 Memorandum Decision re Burden of Proof re Dischargeability of Student Loans
11/17/1999 Memorandum Decision re Order Denying ex Parte Application to Establish Claims Bar Date for Omitted Creditor
08/25/1999 Memorandum Decision re Order Regarding Bill of Costs And Motion to Fix Attorney Fees
08/10/1999 Memorandum Decision re Contempt for Attempt to Prosecute Alter Ego Claim
05/19/1999 Memorandum Decision re Overruling Late Filed Objections To Exemptions
04/23/1999 Memorandum Decision re Alleged Breach of Oral and Written Agreements
04/15/1999 Memorandum Decision re Order Denying Auctioneer Charge of Buyer Premium
04/01/1999 Memorandum Decision re Conservator Entitled to Notice of Bankruptcy
03/22/1999 Memorandum Decision re Fraudulent Transfer of Real Estate Listings and Sales Contracts
03/05/1999 Memorandum Decision re Chapter 13 Fee Practices
03/05/1999 Memorandum Decision re Order Denying Section 707b Motion
03/04/1999 Memorandum Decision re Non-Dischargeability of Liability for Sexual Battery
03/03/1999 Memorandum Decision re Option Agreement as Executory Contract
03/03/1999 Memorandum Decision re PACA Liability Nondischargeable
03/01/1999 Memorandum Decision re Dischargeability of Credit Card Debt