Van Way, William W

1641 Washington Street, #11
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 474-5103
(415) 474-5103
B.A., English, University of San Francisco 1967; J.D., Lincoln University School of Law 1970; M.B.A., Marketing, Golden Gate University 1986; M.A., Psychology, Golden Gate University 2007.
Areas of Specialization: 
Advocate Location(s): 
San Francisco
San Jose
*(Salinas & Monterey only)
Santa Rosa
***(Santa Rosa & Eureka)
ADR Training: 
2003 Certificate in Conflict Resolution,15 credit hours Golden Gate University; 2007 The Basics of Mediation, 40 Hours Community Boards of San Francisco; 2007 Core Mediation, 8-week online course Institute for Advanced Dispute Resolution; 2009 Mediation Certificate, 90 Hours American Center for Conflict Resolution Institute; 2012 Conflict Coaching Certificate 5 Hours Advanced ADR at Community Boards, S.F.
ADR Style: 
My approach is flexible, beginning with a facilitative style to assist the parties in finding their own solutions. I do not employ caucuses at the beginning, but later, if it appears that the parties are at impasse. After that, I would move to the a more evaluative style with more caucusing, meeting with the parties and attorneys to consider cost vs. benefits, etc., and changing from a collaborative stance to a more directive approach.