Interim District Procedure for Motions to Redact

Northern District of California
February 27, 2015
Interim District Procedure for Motions to Redact

CLOSED cases:  A motion to reopen IS NOT required; therefore, a reopening fee is not necessary.  

All OPENED and CLOSED cases:  A $25.00 fee for the motion to redact is due at the time EACH motion or application is filed.  Upon application the fee may be waived under appropriate circumstances.  

A motion/application to redact will not be set for a hearing.  The requesting party will serve the motion/application on the debtor, debtor’s attorney, any individual whose personal identifiers have been exposed, the case trustee and the United States Trustee.

All applications or motions will be filed directly in each case.  It may not be done en masse and the moving party may not address multiple debtors, other than spouses in one particular motion. The moving party shall provide an appropriate form of order.

At the time of filing the motion/application to redact or within ten days after such motion/application is granted, a properly redacted replacement document shall be filed.