San Jose Division Procedures

Applicable Cases
Application for Pro Hac Vice
All Chapters
Calendar Procedures for San Jose Division
Certification of Domestic Support Obligation Payees
Copy Procedure
Debtor's Certification in Support of Discharge
Debtor's Statement re Pending Proceedings Under 11 U.S.C. Sec. 522 (q)(1)(A) and (B) and Notice Thereof
Federal Records Center (FRC) File Order Procedure
All Chapters
Judge Novack's Application/Stipulation to Continue Telephone Case Management Conference
Judge Novack's Chapter 11 Status Conference
Chapter 11
Judge Novack's Courtroom Procedures for Trial
Judge Novack's Guidelines for Motions for Relief from Stay
Judge Novack's Open Calendar Procedure
Judge Novack's Order Continuing Telephonic Case Management Conference
Judge Novack's Order Setting Telephonic Hearing for Relief from Stay (Chapter 13 - Salinas cases only)
Chapter 13
Judge Novack's Policy for Courtesy Copies
Judge Novack's Practices and Procedures
Judge Novack's Professional Retention Procedures
Judge Novack's Relief From Stay Cover Sheet
Judge Novack's Telephonic Appearance Policy
Judge Weissbrodt's Distribution of Funds in Chapter 13 Cases
Chapter 13
Judge Weissbrodt's Open Calendar Procedure
Judge Weissbrodt's Order for Prehearing Conference on Objection to Claim
Judge Weissbrodt's Order re Payment of Pre-Confirmation Adequate Protection Payments Pursuant to 11 USC § 1326
Judge Weissbrodt's Practice Tip - Motions to Extend or Impose an Automatic Stay
Judge Weissbrodt's Practice Tip - Service by Mail on Corporations, Partnerships and Financial Institutions
All Chapters
Judge Weissbrodt's Practice Tip - Service upon the US and federal agencies
All Chapters
Judge Weissbrodt's Procedures for Orders Modifying Chapter 13 Plans after Confirmation
Chapter 13
Judge Weissbrodt's Procedures for Proposed Judgments Relating to Credit Card
Procedures for Filing Adversary Proceedings in ECF
Rights and Responsibilities Chapter 13 Debtors and their Attorneys
Chapter 13
Tape & Transcript Ordering Procedure
San Jose Chapter 13 Procedures and Forms Packet
Chapter 13
Judge Johnson's Open Calendar Procedure
Order re Filing of Payment Advices
Judge Novack & Judge Johnson's Order Re Pre-Confirmation Adequate Protection Payments in Chapter 13 Cases
Order Re: Delayed Discharges of Individuals in Chapter 13 Cases
Chapter 13
Electronic Case Filing Procedures (Effective 2/1/2010)
All Chapters
Judge Novack & Judge Johnson's Order Re: Disbursement of Funds in Chapter 13 Cases
Chapter 13
Order Re: Payment of Attorney's Fees in Chapter 13 Cases
Chapter 13
Judge Johnson's Policy and Procedures for Appearances by Telephone
Procedures for Suspending Payments in Chapter 13