Judge Jaroslovsky's ECF and Orders Procedures

File Attachment(s): 

1. Chambers Copies of Electronically Filed Pleadings

Chambers copies of electronically filed pleadings are not required or desired.

2. Pleadings to be Filed in Paper

None. The court expects electronic filers to file all pleadings electronically.

3. Emergency Matters

When an emergency motion is filed electronically, please call (707) 547-5900 and ask the Deputy Clerk to transfer you to the Order Processing Section.

4. Orders After Hearing

All orders after hearing shall be sent as an attachment by email to Chambers_Orders@canb.uscourts.gov or via ECF as an Order Upload. If sent as an email attachment, it must be in WordPerfect format (preferred) or MS Word format. If there is an urgent need for an immediate order, counsel should bring it to the hearing in one of these formats on a floppy disk. The email must contain the following information, in the following order, in the subject line: Hearing date (mm/dd/yy), debtors’ name (abbreviations OK), case number, and title of order. For example:

01/26/03 Harrington 02-12365 Order for Relief From Stay

DO NOT SUBMIT ENVELOPES unless ordered to do so.

IF THE OPPOSING PARTY HAS APPROVED THE FORM OF ORDER, please so certify in the body of the email.

IF YOU HAVE ONLY SERVED COPIES OF THE PROPOSED ORDER, as required by Local Rule 9021-1(c), but not sought its approval, so certify in the body of the email and state when you served it. Do not submit the order until at least five days have passed since you served it.

5. ExParte Orders and Applications

For exparte orders and applications made pursuant to FRBP 9013 (e.g. applications to employ professionals, applications to re-open cases, etc.), combine the application and order into a single document (only one caption) and submit it in WordPerfect or MS Word Format by email.

6. Orders by Default

Attorneys should file their application and when you are sure that the application is on the docket, email a WordPerfect or MS Word form of order to Chambers_Orders@canb.uscourts.gov.

7. E-Orders

Alternatively, attorneys may utilize the e-orders process. E-Order Procedures.