Request to Remove Primary Emails From Case

Click the Bankruptcy or Adversary  hyperlink on the CM/ECF Main Menu.

  • Click Miscellaneous hyperlink.

  • Enter Case Number

  • Click Next.

  • Select Request to Remove Primary Email From Case,  click Next.

  • Select the Party. If not listed, click Add/Create New Party

Note:  If it is your first time docketing on a case the following message will display:


"The following attorney/party associations do not exist for this case.

Please check which associations should be created for this case."

Place a check mark in the box to establish the association.


  • Click Next.

Note: The following warning message will display:

Warning: By docketing this event, you are requesting to remove Primary your e-mail address from this case. All secondary e-mail addresses (additional e-mail addresses used by you and your staff) will not be removed from this case. Subsequently, as a party to this case, all court notices, orders and service of pleadings will be made by regular mail in paper form, and Notices of Electronic Filing will be sent to secondary email addresses.

  • Click Next.

  • Edit the docket text if necessary.

  • Click Next.

  • Review final docket text.

  • Click Next.


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