Franklin, Robert

Dorsey and Whitney LLP
305 Lytton Ave.
Palo Alto, CA 94301
(650) 843-2741
(650) 644-0362
B.S., Santa Clara University, 1976; J.D., Southwestern University, 1979
Areas of Specialization: 
Business and Commercial Litigation, Bankruptcy Litigation, Chapter 11 (Corporate) Debtors, Creditor Representation, Assignment for Benefit of Creditors
Advocate Location(s): 
San Francisco
San Jose
ADR Training: 
U.S. Bankruptcy Court Training (Rosenberg) - 18 hrs
ADR Style: 
I speak with counsel to determine what may work best. Usually do initial caucus with all parties and break up into separate caucuses. Will do neutral evaluation as necessary, but generally it is a settlement conference.