Marlene Weinstein

The hearings listed contain both original and continued hearings.

Trustee: Weinstein, Marlene G.
Chapter 7

Oakland U.S. Trustee Off
Office of the U.S. Trustee
1301 Clay St. Room 680N
Oakland, CA
341 Hearing Date: 09/26/2017   Time: 09:00AM
Case Number Name Attorney
17-42077 Teresita Imperial Vallo E. Vincent Wood
17-42087 Maria Enciso Michael A. Rivera
17-42088 Leticia Lucatero Michael A. Rivera
17-42089 Mia Renee Gamboa Patrick L. Forte
17-42090 Nick Sonny Orosz Patrick L. Forte
341 Hearing Date: 09/26/2017   Time: 09:30AM
Case Number Name Attorney
17-42135 Jason Trent Warrick Laura L. Hanson
17-42136 Juan Rafael Sanchez Laura L. Hanson
  Linda Louise Sanchez  
17-42140 Dejah Lee Brown Melanie C. Tavare
17-42141 Veronica Campos Melanie C. Tavare
17-42143 Leslie Ann Wilson Ashley Amerio
341 Hearing Date: 09/26/2017   Time: 11:00AM
Case Number Name Attorney
14-44854 Gold Stream Investments, LLC Pro se
17-41370 Moovers, Inc. Stephen Murphy
Tuesday, September 26, 2017