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Application for Pro Hac Vice
Cell Phone Policy
Copy Service (San Francisco and Oakland Divisions) (Revised 12/2/2016) 05/22/2018
E-Orders Procedure 03/03/2015
Judge Lafferty's Open Calendar Procedure 12/12/2018
Notice re Proposed Orders Filed with Motions
Notice Regarding Reduction in Attorney Fees (Appearance at Meetings of Creditors) 02/02/2012
Notice Regarding Reduction in Attorney Fees (Motions to Value or Strip Liens Pursuant to 11 U.S.C. § 506) 10/14/2014
Oakland Division Policy for Courtesy Copies 04/06/2015
Oakland Sealed Records Procedure (Effective August 2015)
Order Re Procedures For Approval Of Reaffirmation Agreements Where Debtor Is Represented By Counsel 10/14/2014
Policy and Procedure for Appearances by Telephone 12/06/2018
Chapter 7
Ch. 7 Fee App / Final Account Procedures 10/14/2014
Chapter 11
Judge Novack's Chapter 11 Status Conference
Chapter 13
Chapter 13 Payment of Pre-Confirmation, Adequate Protection Payments 10/14/2014
Distribution Order regarding Model Chapter 13 Plan (effective August 1, 2013) 08/31/2015
Order Clarifying Model Chapter 13 Plan 10/14/2014
Order re: Joint Prehearing Conference Statements on Objections to Confirmation of Chapter 13 Plans 09/01/2015
Procedures For Dismissal Of Chapter 13 Case On Chapter 13 Trustee's Motion For Lack Of Feasibility Of Plan After Audit 10/14/2014
Rights and Responsibilities of Chap 13 Debtors and their Attorneys (Effective for Cases File On or After August 1 2013, rev 2/1/18) 02/01/2018