5005-1. Electronic Case Filing (ECF).


(a)  Establishment of Electronic Case Filing Procedures.
The Clerk is hereby authorized to establish and promulgate Electronic Case Filing Procedures (the "ECF Procedures"), including the procedure for registration of ECF participants ( "Registered Participants") and for distribution of passwords to permit electronic filing by Registered Participants and notice of pleadings and other papers. The Clerk may modify the ECF Procedures from time to time, after conferring with the Chief Bankruptcy Judge and such others judges as he or she shall designate. The ECF Procedures shall be made available to the public in paper form in the clerk's office of each division and by posting on the Court's web site.
(b)  Electronic Filing of Documents.
The electronic transmission of a document to the Court in a manner consistent with the ECF Procedures, together with the Court's return transmission of a "Notification of Electronic Filing," shall constitute the filing of the document and its entry on the Court's docket for purposes of Bankruptcy Rule 5003. Electronically filed documents must comply with these Bankruptcy Local Rules with respect to form and length.
(c)  Mandatory Requirement for Attorneys to File Electronically Via ECF.
Unless exempted by the Clerk, all attorneys practicing in the Court, including attorneys admitted pro hac vice, are required to file all documents (excluding documents to be placed under seal) electronically via ECF.
(d)  Scanned Documents.
The official file in all divisions shall be the electronic file. All documents filed in paper form will be scanned into ECF and will only be accessible electronically.