Restricted Access to Certain Documents in PACER

The privacy policy adopted by the Judicial Conference of the United States restricts public access through PACER to documents in bankruptcy cases that were filed before December 1, 2003, and have been closed for more than one year, subject to the following conditions: 


  • The docket sheet and docket information remain available to the general public via PACER.


  • Any party who has filed a notice of appearance in an individual case may have PACER (or CM/ECF) access to all filings in that case.


  • All filings in such closed cases remain accessible via PACER from the public computer terminals located in the lobby of each court divisional office (except for documents under seal).


  • For counsel or parties who are developing potential class actions, access may be granted pursuant to a judicial finding that such access is necessary for determining class member certification.


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