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New Chapter 13 Plan, effective January 1, 2023

The U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of California has adopted a new Chapter 13 Plan, effective January 1, 2023. The plan and the attachments/addendums are available below and must be viewed on a PC or MAC. If you are having trouble viewing the below forms, please contact

In addition, the court expects to provide an overview of the new Chapter 13 Plan form in a Zoom webinar before the plan becomes effective. The recording of the Zoom webinar will be available on the court's website.



Chapter 13 Plan, Effective: 1.1.2023

Attachment A Addendum Class 1

Attachment B Addendum Class 3

Attachment C Addendum Class 4

Attachment D Addendum Class 6

Changes to Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure and Official Forms 101, 309E1 and 309E2

Effective December 1, 2022

Bankruptcy Rules 3002, 5005, 7004, and 8023 have been amended. Additionally, the Interim Rules 1007, 1020, 2009, 2012, 2015, 3010, 3011, 3014, 3016, 3017.1, 3018, 3019, and new Rule 3017.2 adopted February 19, 2020, to implement the Small Business Reorganization Act of 2019 are no longer interim and have been adopted as Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure.


For rule changes, click the following link:


In addition, Official Forms 101, 309E1, and 309E2 have been updated. For form changes, click the following link:


Change to Bankruptcy Local Rule 9014-1 and New Local Form

Effective November 28, 2022

PDF icon Redline of Revised BLR 9014-1

PDF icon Certification of No Objection BLR 9014-1 Form

Judge Blumenstiel's Notice of Unavailability

Please be advised that the Honorable Hannah L. Blumenstiel will not be available on Saturday, January 7, 2023 through and including Thursday, January 26, 2023.

PDF icon HLB Notice of Unavailability (7 Jan - 26 Jan 2023).pdf

Judge Roger Efremsky to Retire on January 31, 2023, and the Assignment of Oakland and Santa Rosa Cases effective November 1, 2022

After 17 years on the Northern District of California bankruptcy bench, Judge Roger Efremsky is retiring, effective January 31, 2023.  Given the Northern District’s relatively low weighted caseload, it is not anticipated that the Ninth Circuit will replace him in the foreseeable future.  To ensure a smooth transition, effective November 1, 2022, Judge Efremsky will be removed from the Oakland and Santa Rosa divisions’ case assignment “wheels,” and no bankruptcy cases filed on or after that date will be assigned to him.  All new Oakland bankruptcy cases will be assigned to Judges Novack or Lafferty, and Judge Lafferty will replace Judge Efremsky on the Santa Rosa wheel.  With regard to Judge Efremsky’s Oakland cases that are pending on February 1, 2023, all cases that end in an “even” number will be assigned to Judge Novack, and all cases that end in an “odd” number will be assigned to Judge Lafferty.  Pending adversary proceedings will follow the main bankruptcy case. Judge Efremsky’s Santa Rosa cases and adversary proceedings that are pending on February 1, 2023, will be assigned to Judge Lafferty.