I am an ECF filer. May I remove my email address from a case?


An ECF filer may not remove their email address from a case or adversary proceeding, and may not withdraw, change or otherwise deactivate their e-mail address or email account while involved in any case, adversary proceeding or contested matter without prior notification to the Clerk's Office of their new e-mail address, or by filing a substitution of attorney or a motion to withdraw from a case or proceeding in accordance with Civil LR 11-5, as incorporated by BLR 1001-2(a).


An ECF filer who no longer wants to receive NEF e-mails in a case or adversary proceeding must obtain an order granting a motion to withdraw or file a substitution of attorney in the case or proceeding, in accordance with Civil LR 11-5.  An order granting a motion to withdraw, or a substitution terminates the notice and service of all documents (sent via NEF, regular mail or other means) to the ECF filer in the case or proceeding.

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