Important PACER Account Notice

The Court will upgrade to the NextGen CM/ECF system in early 2021. To continue filing without interruption, ALL PACER users must update their accounts if the following criteria apply:

  • Your PACER login is less than 7 characters.

All PACER accounts that meet the above criteria will not be able to log into CM/ECF when the Court upgrades to NextGen CM/ECF.

  • To upgrade your PACER account, please visit and follow step 1 to upgrade your existing PACER account.
  • Please do not Register for a new PACER account if you already have an existing account. Instead, please log in and upgrade your PACER account if needed.

  • For questions about NextGen CM/ECF, please visit and click the Move to NextGen CM/ECF tab. You may also contact PACER   Service Center at (800) 676-6856 if you have further questions or concerns.
Announcement Date: 
Tuesday, October 27, 2020