Information on Joining BDRP as a Resolution Advocate

The Bankruptcy Dispute Resolution Program (BDRP) invites applications from individuals for appointment to the BDRP Panel of Resolution Advocates.

Attorney applicants must be a member in good standing of the Federal courts for the Northern District of California and have been a member in good standing of the Bar of any state or the District of Columbia for at least five (5) years.

Bankruptcy attorneys must have served as the principal attorney of record in at least three bankruptcy cases, contested matters or adversary proceedings.

Members of other professions must have analogous professional qualifications, experience and training. B.L.R. 9042-2

All applicants must have completed (minimum of 40 hours) substantive alternative dispute resolution training. B.L.R. 9042-5

Complete the BDRP Resolution Advocate Application and mail to:

Ron Mastroianni
United States Bankruptcy Court
450 Golden Gate Avenue
Mail Box 36099
San Francisco CA 94102
Fax (415) 268-2304 Attn: Ron Mastroianni


Applications may be submitted at any time, however the Court makes appointments to the Resolution Advocate panel once per year, generally during the second quarter (April to June) of the calendar year.  B.L.R. 9042-3. Applicants will be notified whether they have or have not been selected for the Panel. 

For questions regarding the BDRP or the application process, contact Ron Mastroianni at the above email address or at (415) 268-2341.