Accessing ECF

Users can access ECF by navigating to: or

Step 1 The Welcome Screen is displayed.

Click [hyperlink] Northern District of California -Document Filing System

Step 2 Logins and Passwords

Some registered users (attorneys, trustees and certain users) will use two sets of logins and passwords; one for CM/ECF filing and the other for Public Access to Electronic Records (PACER) access for queries and reports. Registered users will see a login screen. (Note: The Login and Password fields are case sensitive.) Registered users will initially enter their ECF login and password which has been issued by the court on this screen. This login and password allows electronic filing of documents, not access to reports or queries.  The client code field is optional and is used for PACER users to associate this activity to specific customers. If an error is made before submitting the screen, clicking on the [Clear] button will delete the data and allow you to reenter information

Note: The registered user's login and password is the electronic equivalent of their signature. All users are personally responsible for activity with their logins.

If you forget your password, please use the forgotten password link on the login page or send an e-mail to the helpdesk at requesting a password change.

Manual Chapter: 
Getting Started