Adding a Creditor

Remember to always search for a creditor before adding.


  • Click Add Creditor hyperlink.

  • Enter the Case Number.

  • The CREDITOR INFORMATION screen displays.


Note:  CM/ECF will warn the user if the case already contains creditors.


  • Enter the creditor name and address information.


Remember:        5 line maximum

Each line no more than 40 characters (Name may be 50)

Avoid special characters (# & C/O are okay)

Account number/attention line placed on line 2

City, State and zip code on last line

Zip + four must include hyphen

State must be 2 letter abbreviation


  • Type defaults to "Creditor".  Other values available may be:



Limited Notice

Notice of Appearance

20 Largest Unsecured Creditors


  • If the creditor being added is a member of the creditor committee, click Yes
    after the Creditor Committee button.

  • If more than one creditor separate creditors with a blank line.

  • The TOTAL CREDITORS ENTERED screen will appear.

  • Verify the number of creditors you have entered.

  • If the number is not correct, click the browser's Back button to investigate your entries.

  • Otherwise, click Submit.

  • The CREDITORS RECEIPT screen will then display.

This screen confirms the number of creditor records that have been added to the creditor database.

When claims are filed in CM/ECF, they are attached to the specific creditor record of the claimant.

The Proof of Claim module is accessible on this screen so a claim can be added to this new creditor in one continuous. operation.

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