Amended Schedules and /or Creditors List and Matrix

This procedure explains how to use the amended events relating to schedules and creditor list/matrix.  Please use the event codes as follows:


1.  Amended Schedules A-C and G-J (No Fee Required): Schedule A- Real Property; Schedule B - Personal Property; Schedule C - Property Claimed as Exempt; Schedule G: Executory Contracts and Unexpired Leases; Schedule H: Co-Debtor; Schedule I: Current Income of Individual Debtor; Schedule J: Current Expenditures of Individual Debtor (s).


  • Use this event when amending the above-referenced schedules.

  • No fee is required for the amendment of these schedules.


2.  Amended Schedules D, E and F (Fee Required): Schedule D: Creditors Holding Secured Claims; Schedule E: Creditors Holding Unsecured Priority Claims, and Schedule F: Creditors Holding Unsecured Nonpriority Claims:


  • Use this event when adding creditors, deleting creditors, changing amounts of a debt or changing classification of a debt.

  • A fee is required and the event will prompt you to pay.  Refer to the Court's Fee Schedule located at

  • When amending these schedules, an updated creditor list shall be included as and attachment to this event and should only include the creditors with changes.

  • Attach an updated creditor list to the Amendment with only the changes.  DO NOT SUBMIT the entire creditor list- only those being added.

  • If creditors are being deleted, make notation of those creditors requiring deletion.

  • The court will update the creditor list accordingly.


3.  Amended Matrix (Fee Required):

  • Use this event when making changes to the existing creditor list/matrix.

  • DO NOT docket this event if you filed an Amended Schedules D, E and F. This will cause you to be charged again. Include the amended creditor matrix/list as an attachment to the Amended Schedules D, E and F (Fee Required) Event.  Refer to #2.


The following procedures explains how to docket the documents:


Click the Bankruptcy hyperlink on the CM/ECF Main Menu.

  •  Click the Miscellaneous hyperlink.

  •  Enter the Case Number, click Next.

  •  Select Amended Schedules (D, E, and F- Fee Required), click Next.

  •  Select the Debtor (s), click Next.

  •  Associate the pdf file of the Amended Schedule, click Next.


In order to attach supporting documents to the main document, click the

Yes radio button.

NOTE:    An attached document will be reference in the docket text separately, and the attached image will be accessible by clicking on the hyperlink within the docket text.



  •  Click Browse, then navigate to the drive and directory where the appropriate PDF file for the attachment is located and select it.

  • Select a document type from the pick list, and/or enter a description in the description box.  You cannot leave both of these boxes blank. i.e. Exhibit Additional creditors only.

  • Click Add to List. The path and file name are added to the List box. To attach additional supporting

 documents, repeat this process.

  •  Click Next.

NOTE:     The following message will display.  Please enter the appropriate answer.

Select each schedule being filed:

On the following screens, enter the total amount for the schedule [s] D, E, and/or F, not

just the amended amount.


  •  Schedule D:

  •  Schedule E:

  •  Schedule F:

 Click Next.

 Enter the total from the selected schedule, click Next.


NOTE: The fee amount displays.

  •  Click Next.

  •  Enhance the docket text if necessary.

  •  Click Next.

  •  Review the final docket text.

  •  Click Next.

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