Chapter 7 Statement of Your Monthly Income 122A-1

Click the Bankruptcy hyperlink on the CM/EC Main Menu.

  • Click Miscellaneous hyperlink.
  • Enter Case Number, click Next.
  • Select Chapter 7 Statement of Your Monthly Income 122A-1, click Next.
  • Select the Debtor, click Next.
  • Associate the pdf file of the Chapter 7 Statement of Your Monthly Income 122A-1,  click Next.

A message displays "Do you Believe That you are Exempted From a Presumption of Abuse Because you Have Primarily Business Debt OR Qualifying Military Service?"

Select Yes or No.

  • Click Next.
    • If yes, a message displays "You Must Complete Both Form 122A-1 AND Form 122A-1Supp"
      • Click Next
      • Select the Reason for the Means Test Exemption
      • Select Primarily Non-Consumer Debt or Military/Homeland Security Service
      • Click Next
      • If Primairly Non-Consumer Debt
        • A message displays regarding the presumption of abuse, click next
      • If Military/Homeland Security Service
        • A message appers " Is the Debtor Claiming the Temporary Exclusion Serving on Active Duty and/or Performing a Homeland Defense Activity?"
        • Select Yes or No
        • Click Next
          • If Yes, Click Next.
          • If No, Enter the Date Released from Active Duty, Click Next.
            • A Date that lists the Temporary Exclusion from Means Test for Debtor appears, Click Next
    • If No, Enter the Current Monthly Income of Individual Debtors.
    • Click Next.
    • Edit the docket text if necessary.
    • Review final docket text.
    • Click Next.
Manual Chapter: