Document Preparation

Portable Document Format (PDF)

Only PDF (Portable Document Format) documents may be filed with the Court using the Court's Electronic Filing System. Be sure to view the PDF formatted document before sending it to ensure that it appears in its entirety and in the proper format.

Documents should contain all the appropriate caption information, including; attorney name/address header, case name, case numbers, etc.Ensure documents are in page number order when scanning and/or converting files to a PDF.

The maximum size of a pdf uploaded in the ECF system is 35MB. Scanned documents should be set to 300dpi.


Viewing a PDF File

  • Start the PDF program .

  • Go to the File menu and choose Open.

  • Click on the location and file name of the document to be viewed.

  • If the designated location is correct, and the file is in a PDF format, PDF loads the file and displays it on the screen.

  • If the displayed document is larger than the screen or consists of multiple pages, use the scroll bars to move through the document.

  • Click on the View menu for other options for viewing the displayed document.  Choose the option that is most appropriate for the document.