Documentation Filing


There is often a need to submit supporting documents with a pleading.  When docketing an event you may attach supporting documents to the main document by  clicking  the Yes on the Attachments to Document radio button. (Located under the Browse Button)


Note:  An attached document will be referenced in the docket text separately and the attached image will be accessible by clicking on the hyperlink within the docket text.


Step 1     Click Browse, then navigate to the drive and directory where the appropriate PDF file for the attachment is located and select it.


Step 2     Select a document type from the pick list, and/or enter a description in the description box.  You cannot leave both of these boxes blank.


Step 3     Click Add to List.  The path and file name are added to the List box.


                To attach additional supporting documents, repeat this process.


    • Click Next.


Remember:  Attachments cannot be larger than 3MB's (Approximately  20-25 pages)

Manual Chapter: 
Getting Started