Motion to Unseal Document

Refer to the New District Wide Procedures for Electronically Filing Sealed and Redacted Documents Prior to docketing the sealed event codes.

The Motion to Unseal Document is used when requesting to unseal documents that were previously sealed under court order.  

NOTE:  The docket entry and PDF(s) are viewable to the public.

Docketing Procedures:

  • Click on the Bankruptcy or Adversary on the CM/ECF Main Menu Bar.  
  • Click on the Sealed Events Category hyperlink.
  • Enter the Bankruptcy Case Number.  Click Next.  
  • Select the Motion to Unseal Document event code from the available events menu. Click Next.  
  • Select the appropriate party from the pick list.  Click Next.  If party is not listed, click Add/Create New Party and following the prompts to add party.  
  • Click on Browse button to attach PDF document.  Click next.
  •  The Docket Text Screen:  Modify as Appropriate will appear with two blank text boxes that may be used to include additional information.  The first text box is a drop down menu (e.g., Amended, First Amended, etc.).  The second text box may be used for more descriptive information of the document being sealed (e.g. Financial Statement).   Insert additional information or leave blank.  Click Next.
  • The Final Docket Text Entry Appears.   Click Next.
  • Notice of Electronic Filing Screen will appear.  The transaction is complete.
Manual Chapter: 
Sealed Events