Proof of Claim

When a proof of claim is filed in CM/ECF, the claim will be attached to the creditor record of the claimant.  One must first locate the creditor by searching the creditor database and then enter the corresponding claim.


Most often the creditor filing the claim already resides in the creditor data base. If the creditor cannot be located on the case, they should be added. Refer to instructions on adding a creditor.


Click the Bankruptcy hyperlink on the CM/ECF Main Menu.

  • Click File Claims hyperlink.

  • The Search for Creditor screen will display.

  • Enter Case Number

  • Enter the Name of creditor filing the claim.

Note: Only enter the first word of the creditor's name, i.e. American Express- enter American, John Smith - enter John, etc...

  • Click Next to search the creditor database for this claimant.


Caution:  Initially, always search with the default of blank blue bar space in the Type of Creditor box.  When a matrix is uploaded into the system the Creditor Type field defaults to Creditor.  If this search does not reveal the creditor name and address, use the back button, change Type of Creditor to 20 Largest or Notice of Appearance and search.


  • Click Next.

  • The Creditor Selection  screen will then display the creditor who matches the search criteria.


Note:  If no search criteria was entered on the Search for Creditor screen, all creditors belonging to the case will be found.  Click on the drop-down arrow to display all of the creditors.


  • Select the desired creditor.

  • Click Next.


A separate window will pop up indicating whether or not the creditor has filed any claims, in addition you will be asked to verify if this is the correct creditor.


  • The Proof of Claim Information screen displays the specific claim information for each claim.


Caution:  Do not enter the "$" or commas in the dollar amount fields.

      Values default to whole dollars.

      Decimals are accepted but not required.


  • Use the down arrow and select the proper role type in the Filed By: field..


  • Enter the amount claimed in the appropriate fields.

  • The Description and Remarks fields  are for court use only and will appear on the Claims Register.

  • The Total Amount Claimed field will total the values of Unsecured, Secured, Priority and Unknown.  An aggregate total of all claims is included at the end of the  Claims Register.
  • When you have completed this screen, click Next.


  • Click Browse, then navigate to the directory where the appropriate pdf claim form is located and select it with your mouse to attach the claim form.


Note: The PDF file of this claim form may include additional documents as exhibits.  These exhibits may be supporting documentation or collateral information.  Be sure to keep the entire Claim PDF document, with exhibits below the 25 page (or 3MB) limit.  If the document is larger than the 25 page or 3MB limit, it will need to be included as an attachment.  The attachment is available for viewing from the Claims Register Report and is located below the claim number.


  • If a claim and supporting documentation (contracts, invoices, or other supporting documents can be linked to this claim) is greater than 25 pages or 3MB  limit, it will need to be included as an attachment.


The Notice of Electronic Claims Filing is then produced and displayed.  This claim is now part of the official court record.

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