Query allows you to view a variety of information about a case, such as a list of attorneys or current status, as well as the docket sheet.  After identifying the case you want, you will see a menu of these choices.


Note:  When you select a menu option from Query, you will be required to enter your PACER login and password.


Helpful Hint:  Always login into ECF first with your ECF login and password then login to PACER.


Case Number           Enter at least the case year and case number.


Name                       Enter at least two characters of the last name, using an asterisk as a substitute for unknown letters

                                (e.g. Jo*s will find Jones, Johnson, Joseph etc). The search is not case sensitive.



SSN:                         Enter the full SSN number in the format nnn-nn-nnnn.


Tax ID                       Enter the full Tax ID number in the format nn-nnnnnnn.


Type                         Click on the down arrow and highlight the desired person type.


Select a Person          This screen will be displayed if you are searching by name and more than one person matched what you entered.  Click on the name of the person whose information you wish to find.



Select a Case            This screen will be displayed if you selected a name from "Select a Person" screen and that person is associated with more than one case.  Click on the number of the case whose information you wish to view. 

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