Below are a list of reports available in the ECF system.  


PACER login not required for the following reports:


Calendar Events - View specific calendared  events.

Mailing Matrix by Case - View all parties entitled to receive notices.  This mailing list may also be used to produce mailing labels.

Order Query - View the status of proposed orders uploaded to E-Orders.

Written Opinions Report - Memorandum Decisions for selected cases.



Helpful Hint:  Always login into ECF first with your ECF login and password then login to PACER.


PACER login required for the following reports:


Cases - Displays summary data about selected cases, plus links to view more detailed information about each case.


Claims Activity - View claims activity for specific cases.


Claims Register - View the claims register for a case.  Click on Run Report after specifying the selection criteria.


Docket Activity- View specific docket activity for specific cases.


Docket Report - Displays the formatted docket sheet with links to documents.


In order to display the "Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF)"


  • Login to ECF first using your ECF login and password.

  • Select Reports>Docket Report, then enter your PACER login and password.

  • Place a check mark in the box next to Include links to Notice of Electronic Filing.

  • Click Run Report.

  • Click on the silver bullet next to the document number to display the "NEF".

  • Click Display Receipt.


Mailings Information for a specific case or adversary proceeding.


Click the Utilities  hyperlink on the CM/ECF Main Menu.

  • Click Mailings...

  • Click Mailing Info for a Case.

  • Enter the case number.

  • Click Submit.

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