Things to Remember in Adversary Cases

  • Don't forget to add yourself as the attorney for the plaintiff.

  • Attach the cover sheet as an attachment.

  • If needed, file a Request for Alias Summons to be issued

  • Do not add the Attorney for the Defendant.  They are added to the case when they file an answer to the complaint.  Include the defendants address.

  • Change the Y to an N in the Case Opening Screen if the case is a Removal.

  • The Open Adversary event will also docket to the bankruptcy case and create and entry on the docket showing the filing of the adversary case.

  • After the Summons has been served file the Summons Service Executed.

  • All adversary documents are to be filed in the Adversary Proceeding not the Bankruptcy Case.

Manual Chapter: 
Case Opening - Adversary Proceeding