Transciber Only - Upload Competed Transcript


1) Log in to CM/ECF.  Bankruptcy (or Adversary proceeding) > Transcripts > Case Number [NEXT].

2) Select “Transcript” [NEXT].

3) Upload completed Transcript [NEXT].

4) WARNING: If you are uploading a redacted transcript DO NOT use this event, instead go back to Step 2, above, and select the event “Redacted Transcript.”  If you are uploading a non-redacted transcript, click NEXT.

5) Enter the hearing date, a brief description of the transcribed matter (example: motion hearing, application hearing, witness testimony, trial, etc.) and in the last field enter the Transcription Service Provider name and contact information (such as a telephone number or email address) [NEXT].

6) CM/ECF automatically calculates the transcript redaction and access restrictions deadlines.  Click NEXT.

7) Designate the type of transcript from the drop down menu, if applicable.  Insert additional Transcription Service Provider contact information, if any, in the blank text box field.  [NEXT]


9) The docket entry links to the finished transcript, and displays the transcript redaction and access restrictions deadlines and the Transcript Service Provider contact information.

Manual Chapter: 
Transcript and Audio