CM/ECF Event Modification

October, 2017

CM/ECF Event



Final Rpt/Acct-Asset

Event modified. The event has been removed from the Trustee/US Trustee menu, and will only appear on the TFR/TDR menu.

Motion to Waive Requirement

Event modified. The "Business Evaluation" language has been removed and a new prompt has been added to state: This event is not applicable to waive fee. A new free text box has been added.

Trustee's Interim Report

Event modified. Docket text modified to state: “Trustee's Interim Report”.

Notice of Plaintiffs Dismissal of Party

Event modified to include the following prompt: Please select the Defendant(s) to be Dismissed in this Case. If an answer has been previously filed by the Party/Parties, then please abort this transaction. The plaintiff/filer will have the ability to select the specific party/parties whose participation will be terminated and the updated status will appear as "terminated" on the case docket.

Order re: Initial Disclosures and Discovery Conference(ODSCY Form); Notice to Plaintiff re: BDRP (NTCPLA Form)

These forms will be generated by the court when a new adversary proceeding is filed. They will refer to a scheduling conference rather than a status conference or case management conference.

Summons Issued (SUM Form)

Form modified to replace "Status Conference" with "Scheduling Conference," and is applicable to all divisional offices.

Order Discharging Trustee

Event deactivated. Event has been replaced with Order Discharging Chapter 12/13 Trustee and Final Decree After Case Completion; Order Discharging Chapter 12/13 Trustee After Case Dismissal and Final Decree;  Order Discharging Chapter 12/13 Trustee After Case Conversion.