CM/ECF Version 5.0 / 5.1 Changes:

April, 2013


Two new menu selections appear under the Utilities menu to allow you to navigate quickly between CM/ECF and PACER. You won’t have to leave your CM/ECF session to access another court in PACER or to use the PACER Case Locator. Docket Report Enhancements

The Create Appendix option has been modified so you have more flexibility in customizing a docket report. Now you can select only the entries you want and whether you want the PDF document appended to this customized report. Or, if you just want an abbreviated docket report without attached PDF documents, you can select only the entries you need for the task at hand.

Page Counts on Docket Report - The number of pages for documents associated with a docket entry is a new option.

Critical Deadlines and Dates on the Docket Report - Additional dates and deadlines now display on the caption of the docket report. A link to the Claims Register appears whenever a case has claims filed.

Docket Activity Report

The Docket Activity Report has been enhanced to include time filters. The report can be run in time increments, rather than running the report for the entire day. A new clock icon also offers an alternative to typing in the time.

Calendars and 341 Meeting - You can now view All Hearings without the 341Meeting settings included. A 341Meeting selection has been added to the hearing type list. Query

New query options have been added:

Filed Date range,

Last Entry Date range

Nature of Suit.

Mobile Query – You can now access case information in a mobile friendly format by navigating to the mobile query link from your tablet or mobile device.

Multiple Social Security Numbers

CM/ECF now allows up to five social security numbers and tax identifications numbers for each debtor and joint debtor.

After a social security number is entered a plus icon appears beside the SSN/TaxID/EIN field. If the debtor or joint debtor has another SSN/TaxID/EIN, click the “plus” icon for another field to be displayed for additional number(s). CM/ECF will now format the numbers if you don’t insert hyphens.

Notice of Electronic Filing

In prior releases, when an attorney represented more than one party in a case, the attorney’s email and party information were listed on the Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF) only for the first party. Now the attorney is listed for each party they represent.
Attorney and Party Association

When an attorney or trustee files a pleading, they are prompted to indicate whether they should be linked to the party they represent. In prior releases, the checkbox for the association with the attorney and party was unchecked and if the filer did not check the box, the association was not made. The checkbox for the association with the attorney and party is now checked by default. The message has been updated to reflect the implications of omitting this necessary association.
Cases Report

Split, transferred and reopened dates have been added to the selection screen
Claims Summary Report

A Claims Summary Report option has been added to the Claims Register. This new format gives the viewer a snapshot overview of the claims on the case.

Claims Register View Multiple Documents
You can now view multiple documents from the Claims Register in one PDF file. This is the same functionality as View multiple documents on the Docket Report. This feature will enable you to generate selected PDF claims with any related attachments in one PDF document.

Transfer of Claims Fee

Effective May 1, 2013, all bankruptcy courts nation-wide will charge a new fee of $25 for each transfer of claim filed. The Judicial Conference of the United States approved this fee at its September 2012 session.

Bankruptcy Rule 3001(e) requires the clerk of court to notice a transferred claim, and provides additional notice and hearing requirements if an objection to a claim transfer is made. In considering this fee, the Judicial Conference recognized the impact a claim transfer has on the workload, court time and resources of the bankruptcy courts.
At the time of filing, the fee is assessed upon and is obligated to be paid by the person or entity filing a claim transfer, irrespective of whether the filing is made by or on behalf of the claim transferee or transferor. The fee applies to all claim transfers, whether asserting a full or partial transfer of a claim. Additionally, any filed document that purports to transfer ownership of a claim (such as for example, an amendment to a claim), will be assessed the fee. In the event multiple claim transfers are filed at one time (such as for example, by claims upload or batch filing), the $25 fee will be charged for each individual claim transfer.

Case Conversion

Previously, if a case was converted and re-converted, the Notice of Bankruptcy Case Filing query screen reflected the converted chapter rather than the original chapter. Now the original chapter is saved permanently in a new field. The original chapter will be correct for cases filed and converted after Release 5.

Fee Receipts

The Docket Report will now display a related document hyperlink for payment receipts whose transactions were processed by