NextGen CM/ECF Requirements

Hardware Minimum Requirements


Operation speed 100 megahertz


Memory 256 MB RAM


1 gigabyte of free hard disk space to be used for storage


Internet Service Provider (ISP)

ex. Verizon, Comcast,

Internet Connection

Cable modem, DSL, or other.

Scanning or Imaging Device

To be used for scanning of documents that need to be imaged and sent to the court.

Software Requirements



Operating system that supports a web browser. (compatible systems include Windows, Linux, Macintosh and others).

Web Browser (compatible):

  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge

The following have not been tested with CM/ECF but appear to be compatible:

  • Safari
  • Opera

It is recommended that a verified web browser, that is proven compatible with CM/ECF, be used.

Any PDF compatible windows-based word processor such as recent versions of WordPerfect and Microsoft Word.
Adobe Acrobat - to be used for conversion of scanned documents to Portable Document Format (PDF) and for viewing PDF documents.

Note: The Court's IT help desk is available to address questions regarding Hardware and Software requirements. The IT help desk can be reached at (415) 268-2349.