ADR Certification Form (Docketing Instructions)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bankruptcy Dispute Resolution Program

Docketing the ADR Certification Form


These instructions explain how to electronically file and docket an ADR Certification Form using the Court’s CM/ECF system.  Attorneys and parties who do not have access to the CM/ECF system must file the original paper version of the ADR Certification with the Clerk. 

A sample blank ADR Certification is available from the Clerk and on the Court website at >Forms > BDRP - ADR Certification Form.

• Click the Bankruptcy or Adversary hyperlink on the CM/ECF main menu.

• Click the BDRP hyperlink.

• Enter the Bankruptcy Case Number or, if applicable, the Adversary Proceeding number, click [Next].

• Select ADR Certification Form, click [Next].

• Select the party, click [Next].

• Associate the PDF file of the ADR Certification Form, click [Next].

• To refer this document to an existing docketed event, check the box next to the prompt stating: “Refer to existing event(s)?” and click [Next], OR to not refer to an existing event, do not check the box, simply click [Next] and go on to the next step below.  If you checked the box, then at the prompt stating: “Select the category to which your event relates” highlight the appropriate category of the related event (for example motion, notice or cmp/complaint) from the scroll down menu, and click [Next].  If the event does not appear, 1) exit and make sure the event you want to refer to has been docketed, or 2) if it has been docketed check to determine if this event is in the category you previously selected.  If the event does appear, place a check mark in the box next to it, and click [Next].

• Review and edit the docket text if necessary, click [Next].