Session Attendance Form (Docketing Instructions)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bankruptcy Dispute Resolution Program

Docketing the Session Attendance Form

These instructions explain how to electronically file and docket a Session Attendance Form using the Court’s CM/ECF system.  A Resolution Advocate who does not have access to the CM/ECF system must file the original paper version of the Session Attendance Form with the Clerk.

A sample blank Session Attendance Form is available from the Clerk and on the Court website at > Forms > BDRP Session Attendance Form.

• Click the Bankruptcy or Adversary hyperlink on the CM/ECF main menu.

• Click the BDRP hyperlink.

• Enter the Case Number or, if applicable, the Adversary Proceeding number, click [Next].

• Select Session Attendance Form, click [Next].

• Select the attorney, click [Next].

• Select the party, click [Next].

• Associate the PDF file of the Session Attendance Form, click [Next].

• At the next screen, below the prompt stating “Select the appropriate event(s) to which your event relates," check the box next to the appropriate Order Appointing Resolution Advocate and, click [Next].  

• At the promt: "Number of parties attended?" enter the number of parties who attended the session, click [Next].

• Review and edit the docket text if necessary, click [Next].

• The docket text will display to everyone but the PDF will not be viewable by the public and will display the message "For Court Use Only."