What is a Proof of Claim?


A claim is any right to payment held by a person or entity against a person or entity that filed bankruptcy.  A written statement filed in a bankruptcy case setting forth a creditor's claim is called a proof of claim.  A proof of claim should include a copy of any documentation giving rise to the claim as well as any evidence in support of the claim, such as evidence of secured status if the claim is secured.  Click here to obtain a blank proof of claim form

Attorneys and most others with an ECF login may file a proof of claim using ECF.  Anyone however, with a computer connected to the Internet may electronically file a proof of claim by using the Electronic Proof of Claim (ePOC) system.  ePOC is paperless and does not require a login, password or access to ECF.  Click here to File an Electronic Proof of Claim using ePOC.

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