Judge M. Elaine Hammond

Bench-Bar Liaison Committee Judicial Procedures Survey

Many years ago, well before the implementation of ECF filings, the Bench-Bar Liaison Committee generated a survey of the Northern District Bankruptcy Judges. The questions focused on various practice procedures utilized by the judges and the questions and responses were printed out in a black notebook. The following is an effort to update and replace the old notebook. We have surveyed the judges in response to a series of questions divided up into different topics. Each judge's responses to the survey are posted below and these documents are maintained by the Bench Bar Liaison Committee.

Judge Hammond's E-Order Submission Requirements

Judge Hammond's E-Order Submission Requirements

Proposed orders submitted by counsel via the CM/ECF system that do not comply with the E-Order Submission Procedure established for this District, or that contain other errors, will be returned as “defective” to the submitting attorney.

Judge Hammond's Policy for Chambers Copies

Judge Hammond’s Policy for Chambers Copies

With one exception, Judge Hammond requests that no paper chambers copies be submitted.

Judge Hammond's Practices and Procedures

for the
Practices and Procedures
Hon. M. Elaine Hammond

(September 2023)

In addition to complying with the United States Bankruptcy Code (“Code”), Bankruptcy


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