Conduct and Procedures to Follow During an AT&T Hearing

The Courtroom Deputy for the presiding judge may communicate with you prior to the hearing to take a roll call of hearing participants, or to otherwise learn who is on the call for each scheduled hearing.

Pay attention to the instructions provided by the Courtroom Deputy. Matters listed by number on the calendar may not be called in the listed numerical order.

When your case is called the Courtroom Deputy, or the Judge may ask you to enter your appearance or to state your name on the record.

Identify yourself when speaking.

NOTE: When multiple participants talk at the same time, the system is not able to distinguish between speakers. The Courtroom Deputy may need to mute a participant(s), so the Judge or other participants can be heard.

When the Judge informs the participants that the hearing is completed, the participants may disconnect, and the next case will be called.