Conduct and Procedures to Follow During a Zoom Hearing

Be on time. Connect at a minimum 15 minutes prior to the start of the hearing.

Unless otherwise instructed, all parties appearing before the court must wear business casual attire.

Test your audio and video before connecting to the hearing.

Mute yourself when not speaking.

Be aware of your visual appearance, during the hearing you may be visible to the Court and all other Panelists and Attendees.

Avoid using WiFi. Connection via a hard-wire Ethernet cable is faster and more reliable than WiFi. If you must use WiFi, make sure you are in close range.

Avoid running any unnecessary applications besides Zoom, to conserve your device’s processing power and networking capability.

When connecting via a home network avoid sharing your internet service with others during the hearing.

Mute all sounds from all other applications (email notifications, chat messaging, etc.).

Avoid using a mobile device. Although tablets (iPads) and smartphones can be used they are limited, and the performance is inferior.

Unless you have confirmed the quality is sufficient, avoid using an open microphone and speakers, such as those that are built-into laptops or a webcams. Using a good quality headset (headphones with a microphone) will often help ensure you can be heard, and can hear others with maximum quality.

Avoid noisy and echoing locations. Use of a headset will improve audio quality when this is unavoidable.

Avoid using real or simulated backgrounds with distracting colors or images.

Avoid heavy backlighting and any lighting that overly darkens or lightens your screen image.

Avoid poor camera positioning. Try to frame yourself so you take up most the screen, at eye level.

Look into the camera.

Pay attention to what is happening during the hearing.

Avoid excessive movement to avoid distracting others.