Important Information for Zoom and AT&T Hearings

Please note the following applicable to Zoom and AT&T hearings held before the Court:

· Be on time. Connect at a minimum 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the hearing.

· Hearings may be limited to a total number of participants.

· Hearings do not include “breakout rooms,” or any comparable means for hearing participants or attendees to talk among themselves. To confer with a client, an attorney or with another person during a hearing, do so by means outside of the hearing, such as phone, email or text.

· If you are connecting to a hearing via the internet, avoid using WiFi. Connection via a hard-wire Ethernet cable is faster and more reliable than WiFi. If you must use WiFi, make sure you are in close range.

· Connect your device (such as a computer, mobile phone, iPad or other tablet) to a reliable power source. Avoid using battery power only.

· Turn off or mute all audio and video applications on your device (messaging alerts, email alerts, etc.)

· Mute yourself when not speaking.

· When connecting via a home network avoid sharing your internet service with others during the hearing.

· Unless you have confirmed the quality is sufficient, avoid using an open microphone and speakers, such as those that are built-into laptops, webcams or mobile phones. Using a good quality headset (headphones with a microphone) will often help ensure you can be heard, and can hear others with maximum quality.

· Avoid noisy and echoing locations. Use of a headset will improve audio quality when this is unavoidable.

· For security and enforcement of Court standards, the Court may disable some Zoom or AT&T features.

· The Court will not provide technical support for Zoom or the AT&T Teleconference Service For assistance, contact AT&T Connect Customer Care (1-888-333-2505) the Zoom Help Center, your local IT support, service provider, or other online guidance.

· For information on connecting to your specific hearing, see Connecting to Your Hearing.